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Piano Tech Convention 2020

Piano Tech Convention 2020

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PMT-2019-6 David Stanwood

PMT-2019-6 David Stanwood

PMT-2019-5 David Andersen Temperament

Hammer Weight Balancing

PMT-2019-4 Del Fandrich

How to Design a Piano

PMT-2019-3 Sally Phillips

Efficient Concert Prep

PMT-2019-2 Steven Brady

Tooling Up

PMT-2019-1 David Andersen

Tuning Concert

Piano Technicians Masterclass 2019

Piano Technicians Masterclass 2019

PM7 - David Stanwood

Stanwood SNAP!™

PM6 - Del Fandrich

Soundboard Design: Past, Present and Future

PM5 - Steven Brady

The Art of Voicing

PM4 - David Andersen

How to Make a Piano Sing

PM3 - Dale Erwin and Ken Eschete

Under the Bridge:Matching the Rib Scale and the Down-Bearing

PM2 - Mario Igrec

Grand Action: A Balancing Act

PM1 - Boaz Kirschenbaum

How to Listen to a Piano

Piano Tech Convention 2020 Saturday

Piano Tech Convention 2020

PMT-2020-4 Jude Reveley

Turbo-Charging a Grand Action

PMT-2020-3 Del Fandrich

Refurbishing Soundboards With Epoxy

Bill Monroe - Convention 2020 - 09

Bill Monroe - Selling Extended Service Work to Our Clients

Steve Brady - Convention 2020 - 08

Steve Brady -Dampers from the Ground Up

Sally Philips - Convention 2020 - 07

Sally Philips - Tips and Details for Concert Level Service

David Anderson - Convention 2020 - 06

David Anderson - 12ths Temperament

David Stanwood - Convention 2020 - 05

David Stanwood - Core Concepts of Touch and Tone

Debbie Cyr - Convention 2020 - 04

Debbie Cyr - Grand Rebuilding Teardown

Arlan Harris - Convention 2020 - 03

Arlan Harris - Tips and Tricks for Increasing Income

Issac Sadigursky - Convention 2020-02

Issac Sadigursky - Tool Tactics

Alex Kerstan - Convention 2020 - 01

Alex Kerstan - Voicing and Concert Prep

Piano Tech Convention March 2021

Piano Tech Convention Mar 2021